The Adventure of Link - I Am Error

This is simply a page dedicated to one of gaming's funniest and most well-known mistranslations. In The Adventure of Link, Link stumbles accross a small looking house. Upon entering it, the house suddenly looks huge from the inside. Inside the house is a plump bearded man who, upon talking to him, tells Link 'I Am Error.'

I Am Error

There are a few theories as to why this man appears to be called Error. It may have been a simple mistranslation from the Japanese game. However, there is also a theory that suggests Nintendo may have coined the phrase intentionally. Another man in The Adventure of Link, called Bagu, lives in a similar looking house. More importantly, the word 'Bagu' is the romanization of the Japanese phrase for computer bug, or glitch. Thus perhaps Nintendo wished to paralell 'Bagu' with 'Error.'