The Adventure of Link - Heart Pieces

There are only four heart pieces hidden in the game in total, but they are as useful as ever. Each one will increase your health.

First Heart Piece
Start outside of Parapa Palace (the first dungeon in the game). Go south, and you'll eventually go into a side-scrolling scene where you have to jump from ledge to ledge, avoiding the floating bubbles. After you've dealt with the side scrolling stage, keep following the path south and you'll see a heart piece surrounded by some forest. Upon entering the forest you will encounter a Goriya. Once you've taken care of the Goriya, you will be able to get the first heart piece.

Second Heart Piece
Note: You need to have gotten the hammer from the cave at the end of the Death Mountain in order to get this heart piece. Start at Rauru Village, immediately south of the village you'll notice a rock blocking your path. Smash the rock with the hammer, then head to your right to find another rock blocking a cave entrance. Smash the rock and enter the cave. At the end of the cave is another heart piece.

Third Heart Piece
Start at Nabooru Village, and follow the path to the east until you reach the Island palace. Starting at the edge of the island, go left ten spaces, up four spaces, then keep going right until you go into another side scrolling screen. Use the Jump spell in order to jump up and get another heart piece.

Final Heart Piece
Go to where the sixth dungeon, the Hidden Palace, is. Go to the beach, just to the south. Keep walking along the edge of the beach, and you will eventually run into a hidden spot where the final heart piece is located!