The Adventure of Link - Boss Guide

Experience: 50
Location: Parapa Palace

For this fight, you should equip the shield spell. Horsehead has one attack, where he swings his mace in front of him. You need to jump up and slash your sword at his head. This boss can potentially be quite annoying to start off with, but you should get the hang of it quickly.

Experience: 200
Location: Midero Palace

Helmethead has two layers of helmet armor that you need to remove. You will need to jump up in the air and slash his head with your sword, like you did with Horsehead. Two swipes will remove both helments. However, once a helment is removed it will fly into the air and start shooting fireballs at you. You should focus on avoiding the fireballs from the helmets - Helmethead has his own fireball attack, but it is VERY difficult to avoid. While avoiding the fireballs, strike Helmethead down as quickly as you can.

Experience: 300
Location: Island Palace

Ironknuckle will start the fight by charging at you on his horse. As he rides towards you, jump up and hit him with a Downward Thrust attack. After four or five hits, the horse will run away and it's just you and Ironknuckle. From here the fight is pretty straightforward, just avoid his arrow attacks and strike his head to kill him.

Experience: 300
Location: Maze Palace

Extremely easy fight. Carock will appear and disappear in different parts of the room, shooting laser beams. Equip the Shield and Reflect spells and have Link duck at the far left of the screen, facing to the right. Since Carock's own lasers hurt him, all you have to do is stay crouched and the lasers will constantly be reflected, eventually killing Carock - without you having to lift a finger!

Experience: 500
Location: Ocean Palace

Gooma wears a helmet, so you need to strike at his body. However, his mace attack makes this task quite difficult. He will quickly spin his mace around, and fling it at you. Not only is the attack very quick, but it does a lot of damage. The only time you can safely strike him is when his mace is not showing, and even then you will need to attack very quickly and jump out of the way straight afterwards, otherwise Link will get a mace to the face. It is recommended you use the Shield and Jump spells for this fight.

Experience: 700
Location: Hidden Palace

The boss room is surrounded by lava pits, and Barba will come out of one of them and shoot lava at you. There are two ways to tackle this boss: you can perform downward thrusts on his head, or you can swipe at him from the ground when he is moving up or down. Doing downward thrusts is more likely to result in Link suffering damage, but there is also the potential to hit Barba multiple times at once with this attack. Again, the Shield and Jump spells are recommended for this fight.

Experience: 1,000
Location: Great Palace

Thunderbird will start the fight coloured blue. Use the thunder spell when he appears, and he will turn red (and you'll now be able to hurt him). The fight is technically simple, but pretty tough in practise. Thunderbird will fly around the room, dropping loads of fire balls on you. These fireballs are difficult to avoid. Also, as you damage him, he will move faster and his attacks will become more fierce. Equip the Shield spell for this fight. You will need to keep an eye on the fire balls Thunderbird shoots at you, and you will need to strike when there's a sizeable gap between the fire balls such that you can safely jump through and avoid them.

Shadow Link
Experience: N/A
Location: Great Palace

Shadow Link is a VERY tough boss and it's a pretty epic fight if you are able to kill him. However, if you are finding him too difficult, you can beat him by using an exploit, quite similar to the easy-mode method you can employ to kill Carock. Stand at one of the ends of the room and face Shadow Link. Now start button bashing the sword button, and you will eventually kill Shadow Link pretty easily.