The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Game Information
· Prologue
· Chris Houlihan Secret Room
· Glitches
· Magic Mirror Glitch
· GameShark Codes
· Sprites
· MP3 Music
· Sheet Music
· Roms & Emulation

Game Guides
· Boss Guide
· A Link to the Past Walkthrough
· Palace of the Four Sword Walkthrough
· Sword Upgrades

Information & Features:
  • Release Dates: Nov 1991 (Japan), April 1992 (USA), Sept 1992 (Europe)
  • Original Platform: SNES
  • Other Platforms: Gameboy Advance

  • Information & Guides
    Game Information
    · Prologue - The prologue, taken from the game's manual.
    · Chris Houlihan Secret Room - How to get into Chris Houlihan's room (SNES version only)
    · Glitches - Various glitches found in the game and how to activate them (SNES version only)
    · Magic Mirror Glitch - A big glitch that can gain you entrance to the Palace of the Four Sword (the glitch works on both GBA and SNES versions of the game).
    · GameShark Codes - GameShark codes to be used with the Gameboy Advance version of A Link to the Past.
    · Sprites - 2D pixel images that are taken directly from the game.
    · MP3 Music - Music taken from the game that you can download in MP3 format!
    · Roms & Emulation - Playing A Link to the Past in ROM format through an emulator.

    Game Guides
    · Boss Guide - Tips on how to overcome the boss battles in the game
    · A Link to the Past Walkthrough - Reputable walkthroughs that will help you complete the game.
    · Palace of the Four Sword Walkthrough - A guide on how to get through the Palace of the Four Sword (found only in the GBA version of ALTTP).
    · Sword Upgrades - How to obtain the Golden Sword, the most powerful sword in the game.