A Link to the Past - Glitches

Ice Palace - You are able to bypass the annoying puzzle which involves pushing the ice blocks accross the room. Go to the Misery Mire and get the Cane of Samaria. Back at the ice place, all you need to do is summon a block onto the button with your new can and you can now progress easily.

Blue Shield - This trick requires you to have the level 2 red shield. Equip the ether medallion. Find one of the monsters which steals your items by sticking it's tounge out; and let it take your shield. When the monster graps the shield, before it absorbs the shield completely use the ether medallion. Now kill the monster, and on obtaining your shield, it will now be turned blue.

Ghost of Misery Mire - Use the flute to travel to point 6 on the map and go into the dark world portal under the rock. Enter the Misery Mire and in the first room use the bombos medallion. Note that a fire animation will play after you've used the medallion, indicating an enemy being burned to death, but nothing was there in the first place..

Invisible Sword - Use the flute and hold down the sword button. As the bird flies down, release the button just as it touches you.