A Link to the Past - GameShark Codes

Master Code
For any additional codes to have effect, you must activate the following code:

Infinite Health - BE2061C8AB27
Infinite Magic - 221E9EA7E49A
Infinite Bombs - E116C74AD33E
Infinite Small Keys - C9E7E35BDB3D
Infinite Arrows - 2A269BC2E6BB
Invincibility - E7592E585B74
Have the Golden Sword - 361ABCB6EE82
Have the Mirror Shield - 3E2A9896EE93
Have the Red Tunic - 3E2A9896EE83
Have the Red Magic Boomerang - 40DFD696FE88
Have the Bow & Silver Arrows - 6826F3F2FEAB
Have all Pendants - 83DF8E3ECB1C
Have all Crystals - 682C52A534DB
Have the Hookshot - 40dff696fe99
Have the Fire Rod - 48eff296fe99
Have the Ice Rod - 48e7f3d2feb9
Have the Bombos Medallion - 741af496fe92
Have the Ether Medallion - 7412f5d2feb2
Have the Quake Medallion - 54dbf496fe90
Have the Lamp - 7c2af096fe93
Have the Magic Hammer - 7c22f1d2fea3
Have the Flute - 7c22d1d2fea3
Have the Bug Catching Net - 5ce3f1d2feb1
Have the Book of Mudora - 221ebe96ee9a
Have the Shovel - 02dfbe96ee98
Have the Cane of Somaria - 02d7bfd2eeb8
Have the Cane of Byrna - 2a2eba96ee9b
Have the Magic Cape - 2a26bbd2eebb
Have the Magic Mirror - 2a269bd2eeab
Have the Pegasus boots - 3612bdd2eeb2
Have the Zora's Flippers - 16dbbc96ee90
Have the Moon Pearl - 16d3bdd2eeb0