A Link to the Past - Palace of the Four Sword Guide

The Palace of the Four Sword is accessible after you beat the Four Swords multiplayer game that comes on the Gameboy Advance version of A Link to the Past. The Palace of the Four Sword is not a big dungeon, it's emphasis is on fighting bosses rather than solving puzzles. However, it is by no means easy and you ought to stock up on health potions before you venture into it, as well as your health being close to or at the maximum number of hearts possible.
Note that it is possible to enter the Palace of the Four Sword by exploiting a glitch in the game, rather than having to complete the Four Swords game. You can find out about the glitch on the 'Magic Mirror Glitch' page.

When you enter the dungeon, head through the corridor and you'll find yourself in a large room in which there is a sealed boss door and a bunch of Skeleton enemies. This is the main 'hub' of the dungeon. You will notice two doors to the north and two other doors, one to the east and one to the west. Within the dungeon are four swords that you need to obtain before you can enter the final boss's lair, and each of these doors leads to one of them. Each sword is also guarded by a set of puzzles/obstacles and one boss fight.

Blue Sword (North door, to the Left)
Upon entering the left inclinded northern door, you will find yourself in a pitch dark room. You should light the two torches close by you. Next, kill the Octoroks in the room in order for a set of stairs to appear that take you to the next room. In the next room, cross the platform switches, aiming to reach the bottom-left corner of the room. Once there, break the pot and place a Somaria block on the button that appears in order to open the door to the north. Go through that door, and shoot an arrow