Two new 3DS dual-release Zelda games being Developed?

New dual-release Zelda 3DS games? Fire Prophecy and Ice Prophecy

Edit: As I suspected, the games have been confirmed fake. Explanation will be in a subsequent news post!

Recently a rumour surfaced from 4chan which claims two new Zelda titles are in the making, and they could be dual-release titles (i.e. like Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons).

The Japanese texts on the supposedly leaked image above translates to Fire Prophecy on the left and Ice Prophecy to the right.

Could it be true? Certainly, the appeal of another set of dual-release Zelda titles is great, especially since I really enjoyed the Oracles series. As others have pointed out Nintendo has been releasing duos of games for the Pokemon series ever since Pokemon Red and Blue, so there is probably a market for these kinds of games too.

However, we need more evidence before we can consider the possibility of this rumour. The logos look ‘realistic’ but I’m sure there are plenty of skilled photoshop artists on 4chan as there are those with insider information from Nintendo. 4chan has proved surprisingly reliable for gaming leaks, but at the same time it is easy to spread a hoax on an anonymous site. Also, why would a game called “Ice Prophecy” feature fire in its logo?

Let’s wait and see how this pans out.