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A Couple of Skyward Sword Glitches

Skyward Sword has only just come out, but already people are discovering some glitches! Here are a couple of funny ones I found on YouTube.

1. The Pillar of Death

If you run up to a rocky pillar at the Eldin Volcano in a certain way, Link falls through the floor to his death into what looks like a portal to hell!

2. Bathing with the King

In one part of the game, you're able to peek at the Knight Academy Headmaster taking a bath. But a glitch allows you to get up close and personal with him!
Edit: This 'glitch' has actually been confirmed as a hack, that is possible only by editing the game/using third-party software.

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2 Responses to A Couple of Skyward Sword Glitches

  1. Darren says:


  2. LinkFan says:

    On the second video, he's not the king of Hyrule, he's the headmaster of the Knight Academy

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