Ocarina of Time Great Fairy Fountains

Death Mountain (Young Link)
The first great fairy fountain is located right at the top of the Death Mountain, beside the entrance to the Death Mountain Crater. To the left of the small wooden sign that points to the crater is a wall that you can bomb. After you’ve blown the wall up, head inside the cave and go towards the fountain. Play Zelda’s Lullaby whilst standing on the triforce symbol, and a great fairy will appear. The fairy will give you two rewards: the spin attack, and the magic meter.

Hyrule Castle Grounds (Young Link)
Go back to the Hyrule Market Town, and head towards the castle. Remember when you had to climb over the vines in order to sneak past the large stone gate? Climb up the vines once more, but instead of going towards the castle keep heading in the same direction and you will find a large boulder, next to a sign. Bomb the rock and go into the hole. Once again, play Zelda’s Lullaby and another fairy will appear. Your reward is a new spell called Din’s Fire, an area-of-effect attack that sends a wave of fire outwards from Link, hurting any enemies that come into contact with it.

Zora’s Domain (Adult Link)
Go to the Zora’s Domain, and then progress to the outside bit where Jabu Jabu is. Go to the small patch of land that is located to the north east of Jabu Jabu. Blow up the boulder, and another great fairy fountain will be revealed. After playing Zelda’s Lullaby, the fairy that appears will reward you with a new spell, Farore’s Wind. It is a warp spell you can use with the C button. Link can place a warp point with one button press, and he will be able to teleport to the warp point, or dispel it, with another press of the button.

Death Mountain Crater (Adult Link)
You need to have obtained the Megaton Hammer from the Fire Temple in order to uncover this fountain. This fountain is inside the Death Mountain Crater. Blow up the rock that is situated to the right of the Goron City entrance. Once again, play Zelda’s Lullaby whilst standing on the triforce symbol. The Fairy here will double the potency of your magic meter.

Desert Colossus (Adult Link)Enter the Desert Colossus, and look around the east side of the area. Between two palm trees, there is a crack in a wall. Bomb the wall, and once again play Zelda’s Lullaby when you are inside. Your reward will be a new spell, Nayru’s Love. At the cost of a fair amount of magic power, this spell shields you, preventing you from taking damage.

Outside Ganon’s Tower (Adult Link)To the right of the entrance of Ganon’s Tower is a large rock. The only way to move the rock is by using the Golden Gauntlets found inside Ganon’s Tower. Once the big rock is out of the way, the final great fairy fountain will be revealed. The reward found here is very powerful. After playing Zelda’s Lullaby, the fairy will bestow you with significantly increased defensive power. All damage you take will be reduced by 50%.