Ocarina of Time Boss Guide

Some of the bosses in Ocarina of Time can be quite tough, but our comprehensive guide will allow you to beat them all no problem!

·King Dodongo
·Big Octo
·Phantom Ganon
·Bongo Bongo

Gohma (Inside the Deku Tree)Ocarina of Time Gohma
Gohma is a fairly simple fight. Focus on her eye. When her eye turns red, shoot at it with the sligshot, or throw a deku nut. This will temporarily incapacitate Gohma. While Gohma is incapacitated, attack it’s eye with your sword as much as you can. Once Gohma recovers, it will crawl up to the ceiling. Once up on the ceiling, it will start to spawn little Gohmas, however, it’s eye will be exposed while doing this and it will turn red. If you can quickly shoot the eye with your slingshot, it will become incapacitated againand fall to the ground ready for you to finish off with sword attacks. If you miss, then defeat the mini Gohmas then the main Gohma will come back down to the ground. Shoot it’s (red) eye, then finish him off.

King Dodongo (Dodongo’s Cavern)Ocarina of Time King Dodongo
King Dodongo has two main attacks, aside from chasing you around the room. It can roll up into a ball and roll around the room. It also breathes fire. To avoid it’s rolling attack, you can stand closer to the edge of the lava pit, or you can protect yourself with the Hylian Shield. To avoid it’s fire attack, just stand aside it. The fire attack has a good range, but the fire only takes up about half of the platform you are on. To defeat King Dodongo, throw a bomb into it’s mouth as it is breathing in fire (just in case you run out of bombs, there are bomb flowers dotted around the room). The bomb explosion will temporarily incapacitate it, at which point you should hack away at it with your sword. Repeat this process and he’ll soon die.

Big Octo (Inside Jabu-Jabu’s Belly)Ocarina of Time Big Octo
Big Octo’s weak spot is it’s behind, so you have to get behind it. Basically, you should chase it around the room, sticking fairly close to the spikey pillar in the middle, eventually catching up to it’s behind. Once you are near, Z-target Big Octo and use your Boomerang to stun it. From there, hit at it’s weak spot with your Sword. Repeat this process once or twice and it should die.

Barinade (Inside Jabu-Jabu’s Belly)Ocarina of Time Barinade
Your first job is to detatch Barinade’s tentacles from Jabu Jabu. There are three in total. Target them one at a time, and use your boomerang to destroy them. As you do this, you will need to constantly be on the move in order to avoid Barinade’s electric attacks. Once all the tentacles are detatched, Barinade will start to spin some jellyfish around him. Throw your boomerang at it’s body (you can Z-target it) and Barinade will become temporarily stunned. The jellyfish will also stop spinning around. While Barinade is stunned, attack and destroy the jellyfish surrounding it. If you can’t kill all the jellyfish in one go, just keep stunning Barinade and damaging the jellyfish until they are all dead.

Once all the jellyfish are dead, Barinade will send out another circle of them, but he will keep them close to his body and he will move around the room trying to hit you. Again, Stun Barinade with your boomerang and damage the jellyfish around it. Since the jellyfish are closer goether this time round, you can potentially take them out in one hit by using Din’s Fire, or a Deku Nut. Once the second jellyfish wave is defeated, Barinade will move around the room shooting electricity at you. Once again, stun him with your boomerang, and this time hit him with your sword to finally defeat him.

Phantom Ganon (Forest Temple)
Ocarina of Time Phantom Ganon
Firstly, Phantom Ganon will be seen running down two of the six pictures hanging on the wall. However, only one of these is the real Phantom Ganon. The ‘fake’ Phantom Ganon will turn away and run back into the picture before coming out, the real one will jump out the picture and shoot lightning across the room. When the real Phantom Ganon is outside a picture, he is vulnerable to your arrow attacks, so you need to shoot at him. If you stand on one of the six triforce symbols around the room, the lightning attack cannot hit you, making this first phase pretty easy.
Once you have shot Phantom Ganon three times with the bow, he will jump off his steed and start fighting you by himself. He will float around the room, shooting orbs at you. You need to reflect the orbs back at him by hitting them with your sword. Once you’ve reflected an orb, Phantom Ganon will keep hitting the orb back at you, but once you reflect it back a few time Phantom Ganon will mess up and be hit by the orb. This will stun him for a few moments, during which you need to hit him with your sword. Keep repeating this tactic and Phantom Ganon will eventually be defeated. Occasionally, Phantom Ganon will perform a charge attack at you. You can tell he is about to do this if he swings his weapon around and a lot more sparkly magic comes out of it than usual. You can block this attack with your shield or jump out the way, but you definately need to avoid it as it deals 3 hearts worth of damage.

Volvagia (Fire Temple)
Ocarina of Time Volvagia
Volvagia has three attacks. Firstly, he might poke his head out of the lava and attack you by breathing fire or hitting you. However, with this attack, he will remain stationary for a few seconds before attacking. This gives you some time to hit his head with the Megaton Hammer, and swipe him a few times with your sword. His next attack is to fly up towards the ceiling and make a bunch of lava rocks fall down. You are able to see the shadows of the rocks before they hit the ground, so you can anticipate them. You can avoid the rocks very easily by hanging onto the side of the platform as well. Volvagia’s final attack is to fly around the room, chasing you and breathing fire at you. Try and circle around Volvagia rather than trying to run away from him, this way he has to constantly turn around and it will make it difficult for him to aim his fire attack. Once you’ve hammered and swiped Volvagia enough, the fight is over.

Morpha (Spirit Temple)
Ocarina of Time Morpha
You will probably notice that Morpha has an eye, and it will be swimming around inside the pool of water and Morpha’s tentacles. Your aim is to target this eye and use the hookshot to pull it towards you, and then hit it with your sword to damage Morpha. A pretty simple trick to defeating this boss is to position yourself in one of the farthest corners in the room (next to the spiked walls). From there, Morpha’s tentacles cannot hit you, and all you have to to is wait until you have a chance to hookshot the eye again, and continue hitting it with your sword. As you deal more damage to Morpha, more tentacles will be summoned, but this shouldn’t be a problem. Just repeat the same strategy, and Morpha will be toast.

Bongo Bongo (Shadow Temple)
Ocarina of Time  Bongo Bongo
This boss involves (potentially) shooting a lot of arrows, so you are advised to get the arrow quiver upgrade, otherwise you may run out of arrows quickly. Firstly, Z-target one of the hands and shoot an arrow at it. You will need to react quickly, since if you get bounced in the air you will most certainly miss your shot. Once you have managed to hit one of the hands, it will turn blue and start shaking, from there you quickly need to shoot the other hand before the first hand recovers. Once both hands are out for the count, turn on the Lens of Truth, you’ll be able to Z-target Bongo Bongo’s eye. Bongo Bongo will come charging at you, but you can hit it’s eye with your sword, hammer it, shoot an arrow at it, or whatever. Once you hit the eye for the first time, Bongo Bongo will become stunned and will lie on the ground. From there just swipe it’s eye as much as you can. Repeat the tactic to win the fight.

Twinrova (Spirit Temple)
Ocarina of Time Twinrova
The first phase of this battle is pretty straightforward. The sisters, Koume and Kotake, use different elements. Koume casts fire spells, whilst Kotake casts ice spells. During this first phase of battle, you need to equip the Mirror Shield and pay attention to the sister’s attacks. Occasionally, Koume will charge up a beam of fire and shoot it at you, and Kotake will charge and fire a beam of ice. You need to use the Mirror Shield to reflect the beam that one sister fires back at the other sister. You should try keep Z-target off, as it lets you manoeuvre the shield to pull off the reflect more easily. Once you have reflected four beams, the next phase will begin.

During the final phase of battle, the sisters with fuse together to form a powerful entity. Once again, Twinrova will use fire and ice beams. However, you cannot simply reflect them back anymore. Instead, when you block a beam with your shield, the beam will be absorbed. Once you have absorbed three spells, the shield will unleash the power of the beams, so make sure you have it aimed at Twinrova. Note that you can only absorb one spell element (fire or ice) at a time, so, for example, if you absorbed two beams of ice but then absorbed a fire one, your reflection will not work and you’ll have to start over. Once you reflect a charged up beam at Twinrova, it will fall to the ground, from there just hack and slash at it. Repeat this process to finally defeat Twinrova.

Ganondorf (Ganon’s Tower)
Ocarina of Time Ganondorf
Keep your distance from Ganondorf otherwise he will punch the floor, causing it to collapse and damage you. If you fall down due to this attack, immediately use the hookshot to get you to the edge of the room the moment you climb back up to the central platform. Ganon will shoot orbs at you. You need to deflect the orbs back at him by using your sword. Ganon will keep reflecting the orb back to you a few times, as if Link and Ganon were playing tennis, but Ganon screws up after a few hits. When he’s hit, fire a light arrow at him, then run over to him and hit him with your sword. To get to Ganon more quickly, you can also use the hookshot on him. When you have damaged Ganon he will channel all his rage and evil, and the final battle will begin.

Ganon (Ganon’s Tower)
Ocarina of Time Ganon
You don’t have your trusty Master Sword for this fight, so you need to use other means of combat. Equip the Biggoron’s Sword or the Megaton Hammer. Ganon’s weak point is his tail, you need to hit it with the sword or hammer, but before you can do that you need a means of getting behind Ganon! The first method of doing this is stunning Ganon, then running behind him to swipe his tail. You can stun him by attacking his front, most of your items will suffice though using a Light Arrow is your best option. Alternatively, you can roll around Ganon or between his legs, then hit his tail from there. After many hits to his tail, Ganon will tire out a little, and his barrier will weaken. This allows you to go and get the Master Sword back. After even more hits to his tail, Ganon will tire out again and fall to the ground. Zelda will then use her powers to keep Ganon in place. Run over to Ganon, hit his head with the Master Sword, and he will be defeated!